6/15-East Coast-AirDrops-NoAbuse-LowDura-Admins-NO HACKERS

Thanks so much for playing on our server. We cannot tell you how great it is to have you here with us.

Goals of the Server and Staff

The goal of the server is to provide a place where Rust players can enjoy the game in every facet imaginable. If your thing is being a bandit, then feel free to do so. If you prefer to keep to yourself, and just build a big base and live safely, then do that too. If you want to farm C4 and raid other people, you are more than welcome to do that as well. We do provide some balances to try and accomodate making the game fun for everyone.

If your thing is roleplay, then feel free to set up areas to do that as well. Nothing is disallowed here, except for hackers. Let's discuss those for a minute too..


Nothing in the game of Rust is disallowed on the server, except for cheating. If you suspect another player of cheating in any way, then please use the /report command to report them to administration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Messages sent using the REPORT command are sent immediately, and anonymously, and help us to know who we need to be looking at and investigating further. You can also email us directly at rust@theghostsofwar.com.

We have given ourselves tools to watch players who are suspected of cheating, and we will do so as quickly as we can after a report is submitted. We will not communicate the results of your reports back to you, but we may have a discussion about the activity in server chat afterwards.

One of the ways we want to ensure that everyone is getting all that they can from the game is to keep people who abuse exploits in game, and third-party hacks out of it. If your base was raided using sleeping bag glitches, report it to the administrators. Just use your name with the /report command and say that you need assistance, or ask in chat on the server. We can examine objects in the world and determine who owns them.

Server Commands

/help - will display help on some of the basic commands, as well as list some of the administrative commands you may or may not have access to

/history - will replay the last 50 lines of chat so that you can screenshot them, or read them again

/report <player you are reporting> <Message to administrators.>

/who - will show you the number of players online


You can help us pay the monthly bill for the server by using the PayPal button above. We will do giveaways, and raffles from time to time. Any money that we receive from you goes back into this community either to pay for the server, or to fund giveaways within our community!

Giveaways will include Steam games that we purchase in bundles. If we start getting enough donations, we will start doing weekly giveaways. For the time being they will be done every time we get the chance.
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